Pageant Hair Tips: #4 Great hair style for teen pageants

Long Hair With the Crown Anchored Back:

pageant hair tips for teen pageant like MAOT

Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Pageant winner for 2012, Rachel Wyatt, demonstrates a popular pageant hair style for teen pageants. (Photo courtesy of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization)

Pageant hair tips: Long hair cascading down the back with the crown pulled back and anchored with a barrette is a classically beautiful pageant hair style that is appropriate for many systems. Its pretty no-fuss look is ideal for teen pageants, but it also can convey elegance and sophistication suitable for a national or international winner such as Miss America or Miss Universe.

At this time, it is most successful in teen pageant systems like Miss America’s Outstanding Teen (view 2012 MAOT winner to right) and Miss Teen

In fact, one of the prettiest examples of this hair style is Laurel Schaefer, Miss America 1972, who so loved the hair style that she chose a side-view head shot (which showed off her hair style) for the Miss America program book. This style works well for all hair types except very curly.

Examples of this pageant hair style:

  • Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2012
  • Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2010
  • Miss Teen USA 2009
  • Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2008
  • America’s Junior Miss 2007
  • Miss Teen USA 2004
  • Miss USA 2000
  • America’s Junior Miss 1994
  • Miss Teen of America 1994
  • Miss Teen of America 1993
  • Miss T.E.E.N. 1992
  • Miss Teen USA 1992
  • Orange Bowl Queen 1991



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