Pageant Entry Forms

Your pageant entry form is important!

Your pageant entry form is more important than most contestants realize. Every contestant is asked to complete and entry form as she applies to compete in a pageant. Usually she will be asked additional information or to complete a contestant’s fact sheet or bio, similar to a job resume. Always be extremely careful with your entry form and fact sheet!

Your pageant entry form lays the foundation for your success – or failure – in pageants…

  1. Your pageant entry form creates an immediate impression about you in judges’ minds before they even meet you.
  2. It directs what types of questions judges ask you in the private interviews and during on-stage questions with the emcee.

Needless to say, you’ll want to take advantage of this unique opportunity to influence and guide your judges.

Be ready to discuss anything on your entry form and contestant bio

Because pageant interviews are based to a large degree on contestants’ entry forms and fact sheets, be prepared to discuss every item you’ve listed. “The only thing judges know about you is what you put on that piece of paper,” says Dr. Sandra Adamson Fryhofer, a former Miss Georgia. “I recommend that contestants bring a copy of their resume to the pageant and look it over before the interview to remind themselves what they’ve put on it, because that’s what they’re going to be asked.”

Being prepared to converse about any subject on your resume can nudge a contestant toward the throne.

The four personal subjects most likely to be brought up by judges are a contestant’s:

  • Platform / community volunteerism
  • Talent (if there is a talent competition)
  • Education (high school or college related question)
  • Career goals.

Failing to prepare for questions about these subjects can hurt an otherwise successful interview. This is the most common mistake contestants make – and the one that is the most easily preventable.  Pageant Entry FormBut not preparing for questions related to your fact sheet can put a contestant at a serious disadvantage in judges’ interviews.

Consider the case of the student who whose entry form stated she was majoring in environmental science and planned to work for the Florida Environmental Protection Agency. By coincidence, an environmental chemist was on the panel. During the environmental major’s interview, the chemist asked her a give-away question, “How does Florida dispose of its trash?” Strangely, the girl was stunned by the question, stammered “Scuse me?,” and was unable to name even one method of disposal or recycling.

Ironically, the town had a smelly man-made mountain of trash on the highway way into town, a memorable example of Florida’s solution to excess garbage … practically in the girl’s backyard. Her ignorance of a subject directly related to her college major didn’t ruin her chances, but she knew she had goofed and it hurt her confidence throughout the interview.

Always be prepared to discuss subjects related to your college studies and anything listed on your pageant entry form and contestant fact sheet.

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