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Pageant Tips: Winning a pageant is an achievable goal, but making that dream reality requires understanding what it really takes to win a pageant, preparing well before you take the first step, continuing to prepare and improve throughout every step of pageant competition, and continuing to believe in yourself until the crown is yours.

How to Win a Pageant

How to Win a Pageant: The Insider’s Guide to What it Really Takes to Win the Crown (Shown: top 5 at 2013 Miss USA Pageant)

The 100’s of useful pageant tips below will help you prepare for every aspect of pageant competition, from a complete library of pageant questions, to pageant tips for winning the swimsuit competition, the judges interviews, and the talent and evening gown competitions. We share secrets to catching (and keeping) the judges’ eyes quickly, avoiding mistakes that can cost you the crown, strategies for building a winning swimsuit body, what to wear (and why), how to recover from mistakes, and dozens of more useful tips.

We recommend bookmarking this page and returning to read each page until you have mastered the entire series of pageant tips.  This is quite simply, the largest collection of pageant tips on the Internet… and we hope it helps you make the crown yours!

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Pageant Swimsuit Competition

You do not need to have the body of a goddess to compete well in pageants, but you will need to make the most of your natural physique. The bottom line is, you will need to develop the right muscles, have your body fat at the appropriate level, wear the best swimsuit for your figure, and learn to model confidently before the judges panel. Here are the tips to get you on your way to winning the swimsuit competition…

swimsuit competition tips

Tips to get you on your way to winning the swimsuit competition (Shown: Miss USA 2013 Erin Brady in swimsuit)

Pageant Interview Tips

Interviews with the judges are where pageants are won — or lost — so prepare well for this phase of competition! Here are tips that can have you walk into your judges’ interview fully prepared to wow the judges!

Miss USA 2013 Erin Brady answering her pageant answer

Interviews with the judges are where pageants are won — or lost. (Shown: Miss USA 2013 answering her final question)

Winning Habits

Competing for the crown is ultimately a confidence game that requires as much mental and attitude preparation as competing in any sport.  The attitudes and confidence to compete well are learned qualities — So before you step onto the runway, prepare your mind…

Winning habits in pageants

Winning habits and attitudes are crucial to winning pageants

Evening Gown Competition

When you walk onstage in the evening gown competition, you want to impress the judges as the obvious winner. To accomplish that, you’ll need to understand how to project the right image for that pageant, the best styles for your figure type, the best evening gown colors to wear (or avoid!), and how to walk like a queen.  Here are the tips to help you dazzle the judges…

Mallory Hagan Miss America 2013 pageant gown

Evening Gown Competition tips (Mallory Hagan Miss America 2013 in her beautiful pageant gown)

Pageant Makeup and Hair

Did you know that there are specific images and hair styles that win the crown?  If you plan to win, you’d best understand what hair styles will help you move closer to winning – and not cost you the crown! Here are the tips for winning pageant hair, makeup and image…

Pageant Makeup and Hairstyle tips

Pageant Makeup and Hairstyle tips: understand what hair styles will help you move closer to winning.

Getting Started

When should you start competing? How to you being? What types of pageants should you enter? how do you get off to a successful start? Here are the tips you will need to start competing in pageants…

You can learn how to win a pageant, Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo

You can learn how to win a pageant (Shown: Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo, a bright college musician – who was NOT a “pageant girl” – won the most prestigious of pageant titles!

Pageant Mistakes to Avoid

Pageant mistakes to avoid

Pageant mistakes to avoid

Pageant Talent Competition

If your pageant has a talent competition, it provides an ideal opportunity to stand out from the crowd and gain the judges’ attention.  Knowing the secrets to choosing winning music and costuming is essential, but so is understanding how to perform in a way that conveys tons of personality and confidence.  Here are the tips to knock ’em dead in the talent competition…

Pageant Talent Tips - Miss Alabama ventriloquism

The pageant talent competition provides an ideal opportunity to stand out from the crowd and gain the judges’ attention (Shown: Miss Alabama ventriloquism)

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