Pageant Tips: Contestants can now collect sponsors without leaving home

With every contestant from every Pageant has a way to collect Sponsors without ever leaving home!

Sponsor Goal for pageant contestants

Seeking sponsors for pageants used to take a lot of hard work going door to door and making numerous phone calls reaching out for support. The method to seeking pageant sponsors has now been simplified to help minimize the leg work and maximize your potential sponsors.

Wondering how?

You can create an online web donation page at where you can explain your pageant goal and the funds you need to participate in your next Pageant. Your web donation page will feature your story, a photo or video and the amount you need to raise…plus a donation button on your page allowing others to donate and sponsor you instantly!

We recommend you outline the services or products you might need for your next pageant, for example, gown, tanning, interview outfit, swimwear, shoes, costume, traveling and hair styling. Out of your list of prospects, think of which individuals or businesses can provide you with the items you need for your pageant expenses. If you run out of contacts, think of business in your community and online who provide such products or services. You will be able to easily share your goal by sharing your web donation page through email and other social outlets like Twitter and Facebook.

Approaching your prospective sponsors with your great web donation page by introducing yourself and your involvement with the pageant. Be prepared to discuss what kind of sponsorship you would like from businesses and what you will include in return for a sponsorship. For example, an autograph signing at their place of business should you be fortunate enough to win or advertising in the souvenir program book.

Do your best to keep your sponsor’s engaged and updated by sharing goal updates on your campaign page. If your offering sponsor perks be sure to promptly deliver your sponsors what you promise them. You want to create a solid reputation for your pageant goal in order to line up more sponsors for the following year.

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