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How to Get Started Publicizing your Pageant Events

Help, how do I advertise my pageant?! Marketing your pageant can be easy and fun! Here are some simple tips to help quickly and effectively get maximum publicity (free, too!) for your upcoming competitions.


If you want to get attention for your pageant today, you absolutely need to be online! Create a website, Facebook event page, or Google page.  Thankfully, there are many free website hosting providers that also make developing a website easy and fast.  For example, Google makes it really easy to create a terrific free webpage without a hassle. Learn about creating a free Google pageant website.

Create a page called “Upcoming  Pageants” and list all of your upcoming pageants, clearly listing their date and location. Make it easy for potential contestants and their parents to see all of your upcoming events at a glance so they can find those that look most interesting.

If you need to add lots of details for each pageant, create a separate page for each event.  But, be sure that the first thing your visitors see is all of your pageant dates at a glance!

Post your pageants for free on

Post your pageants for free on

Create your annual calendar of pageants early in the year.  The early bird gets the worm.  If contestants can see that you are offering a pageant, they are more likely to register early.

You wouldn’t believe how many pageant directors make the mistake of waiting too long to schedule their pageants – then wonder why they have low attendance!  Get your pageant calendar down early!

Always send your pageant listings to before your competition.  We post pageants in two areas (Upcoming Pageants and pageant listings). Thousands of contestants regularly visit our state calendar pages to find events they can enter.  If you post pageant listings before your competition, guess who will get the contestants registered?

Submit your pageant listing

If you operate pageants for children, be creative and come up with pageant themes that are interesting and fun for contestants and their families.  Mothers are going to spend considerable time and effort coming up with OOC (Outfit of Choice) costumes for their daughters and sons, so given them a theme they can truly have some fun with!

Try to keep your pageant schedule roughly the same from year to year.  Pageants that repeat competitions annually develop a recognition with local residents and reporters alike.

  • For example if you run four pageants a year, try to keep them themed. Examples: My Pageant Name’s “Miss Winter”, “Miss Spring”, “Miss Summer”, “Miss Fall”.
  • If you only hold one competition a year, call it your “Annual Miss Whatever Pageant” and hold it at the same time each year.

It increases the likelihood that parents will become aware that you have a pageants will be coming up and will look forward to entering their daughters. Likewise,if your pageant is a regular seasonal or annual event, local print and television reporters will be more likely to cover it, giving you invaluable free publicity.

Learn how to write a press release and use them! Once you have written and proofread your press release:

  • Send it to every newspaper, radio station and television station in your area. Either print and mail it, or use each media source’s website to submit it electronically. They usually will either offer a form where you can upload it or an email address where you can submit news via email.
  • Submit your press release to, which has a Pageant News section where we run articles about upcoming pageant events, lists of pageant results, new pageant winners, what titleholders are doing, titleholder appearances, etc. We have tens of thousands of visitors, so it is a fast way to get news of your event publicized.
  • Submit your pageant news or press release
Promote your pageant for free at

Promote your pageant for free at

After writing your press release, find photos to accompany it if at all possible.  Photos always increase reader interest! When you submit your press release, email us the photo to accompany it with the name of the press release so we can match it up.

  • Include the photo credit. Example: “Photo by John Doe, John  Doe Photography,”.
  • If you or your staff took the photo, include something to this effect: “I took the photo and give you permission to post it.”

If you have hired a company to design banners and graphics, send them to us for inclusion in our Upcoming Pageants area (This is different from our pageant listings area).

Join Twitter and regularly tweet information about your pageant and its winners.  Be sure to follow the twitter for extra publicity!

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