Talent Competition Tips

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General talent tips for all talents | Tips for pageant singers 
Talent tips for dancers | Talent tips for Musicians | Best talent music

Tips for Pageant Talent Competition

Our tips for the pageant talent competition section provides in-depth advice for all contestants entering pageants that include a talent competition.  Tips include:

Tips for Pageant Singers

Pageant Talent Tips for Dancers, Gymnasts, Baton-Twirlers, Acrobats, etc.

Pageant Talent Tips for Musicians

Best Pageant Music

Our pageant talent music section lists the best pageant talent music organized by type of talent. The talent musical selections listed are those most statistically likely to win, based upon what pageant talent music has won preliminary talent awards, placed in the top ten, made the top five or earned the national title such as Miss America, Miss America's Outstanding Teen, or America's Junior Miss...

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