Tips for Pageant Interviews

Tips for Pageant Interviews

Pageant Interviews are a Job Interview

Marjorie Vincent, Miss America 1991 pageant interview with press“Pageant interviews are where pageants are won -- or lost," Donna Axum, Former Miss America and national pageant judge One of the secrets to a successful pageant interview is recognizing that what you do before the interview is as important as the interview itself. The better the preparation the better the pageant interview. Prepare [Read more...]

Pageant Interview Tip: Show the Judges You Are Smart

Miss America 1989, Gretchen CarlsonPageant interview tip: In pageants, intelligence, personal achievements, academic honors and the ability to speak well are advantages. It pays to show judges you are intelligent and articulate. Judges realize that today’s pageant winners have to have brains. Whether she seeks the title of Miss America,  Miss Universe, or Miss World, a major titleholder’s job [Read more...]

Pageant Interview Tips: Score Points for Interview Humor in Pageant Interviews

John Moskal, pageant judgeHumor is an invaluable tool for pageant interviews! The ability to make judges laugh can make a contestant appear more confident, personable, and intelligent, and energize even the dullest interview. For instance, John Moskal, a state and national judge, for­mer costar on Days of Our Lives and Remington Steele, and a drama coach and actor, [Read more...]

How to Answer Difficult Pageant Questions

Miss United States pageant questionSince a pageant winner’s reign involves press conferences, interviews, and speeches, her ability to think under pressure, analyze complex and often controversial subjects quickly, and discuss them intelligently is critical. Judges use high-gain pageant questions to determine if a contestant can think.  High-gain pageant questions call contestants to reason, analyze, or share your opinion.  Since [Read more...]

Pageant Questions: What to do when you don’t know the answer

Miss Michigan, Kaye Lani Rae Rafko, pageant interviewIt’s every contestant’s nightmare. You’re in your pageant interview … a judge asks you a question … the panel stares in your direction awaiting your answer … and your mind goes blank. You can’t answer the question! Don’t panic! “Many girls make the mistake of hemming and hawing,” notes Jeff Bell, a veteran pageant director." [Read more...]

Pageant Interview Tip #3: Show the Pageant Judges Your Personality

Miss Teen of America Pageant Carlene MillerNo matter how bright and knowledgeable a pageant contestant is, she must be an outgoing people person with the ability to positively affect people from all walks of life. Without that quality, a girl might as well toss away her banner and go home. “She has to be confident, sincere, and have a congenial personality,” [Read more...]

How to discuss serious or tragic personal issues during pageant interviews

Ivian Sarcos Colmenares wins Miss World PageantExamples of How to Handle Serious or Tragic Personal Experiences Sometimes during a pageant’s on0stage interview competition, the emcee will ask you to discuss an obstacle you’ve had to overcome in your life… on live television or before a live audience. If you have survived an unusual experience, don’t be afraid to share that in [Read more...]

Pageant Interview Suits and Dresses | Tips for Choosing Pageant Interview Clothes

pageant interview outfit on Miss Teen of AmericaWhat do you wear to pageant interviews? Pageant Interviews are a highly competitive situation and contestants need to know what to wear – and not to wear – to score well. Feeling confident during the pageant judges’ interview is easier when [Read more...]



Pageant Interview Mistakes You Must Avoid

Pageant Interview Mistakes to avoidPageant interviews are difficult enough for many contestants, but there are certain mistakes that every contestant must avoid in interviews with the pageant judges. First, remember that difficult pageant questions are revealing… and point-losers if mishandled. Pageant judges do not expect contestants to be perfect — but they do expect them to show good judgment [Read more...]

How to Manage Nervousness in Pageant Interviews

Nervousness in pageant interviewsLike competing in the Olympics, facing a panel of celebrity judges in your pageant interviews, know that their scores on your “performance” could change the course of your life is an understandably nerve-wracking experience. It’s a one-shot deal and you’ve got minutes to win the panel over. Indeed, not being nervous would be the real [Read more...]

Winning Body Language in Pageant Interviews

winning body language in pageant interviews

Use Your Body Language to Look Like the Winner From the moment a contestant enters the pageant interview,  judges scrutinize her, asking themselves, “Does this young lady have what it takes to be our winner?” How the candidate performs in those [Read more...]

Be Prepared for the Unexpected in Your Pageant Interview

mistakes in pageant interviewsLike any competitive situation the unexpected can occur in pageant interviews: a contestant trips walking in the interview room, knocks over the stand microphone as she sits down, or calls a judge by the wrong name. Because mishaps do happen on any level of pageant competition, remember that no disaster is so calamitous that you [Read more...]

Tough Pageant Interviews Are a Compliment

tough pageant interviews

Tough pageant interviews are a compliment. The tougher the pageant interview, the greater the compliment. Judges are thrilled to meet contestants who are so knowledgeable and confident that they can take the panel’s most difficult questions and respond with intelligence and perception. Some judges deliberately disagree with an obviously promising contestant to see how she [Read more...]

Different Types of Pageant Interviews

Miss America pageant interviewUnderstand the different types of pageant interviews. Since each pageant system has its own pageant interview format and focuses on the unique qualities that system is seeking in its winner, contestants need to understand the differences. A pageant interview in the Miss America scholarship system, which emphasizes interview, platform and talent, is very different from [Read more...]

Different “right” answers to judges’ questions in pageant interviews

Miss Universe Pageant 2011 intervewWhat makes an answer successful isn’t that it is the “right” answer, but that it is an intelligent answer delivered the right way. Say what you think and back it up. Although sounding like a winner is absolutely necessary to winning pageant interviews, there are no perfect answers guaranteed to impress the judges. What makes [Read more...]

Pageant Interview Tip #2: Know the Pageant Judges and the Day’s Headlines

Pageant interview tip from Leanza Cornett, Miss AmericaIt’s pageant interview day, at last. Be forewarned. Before entering your interview with the judges, there are two things every contestant should be able to answer questions about: your judges and the day’s headlines. Know Your Pageant Interview Judges A favorite technique pageant judges use for testing contestants’ mental alertness is to ask questions such [Read more...]


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