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Best colors for pageant gowns

Christy Fichtner Miss USA 1986

White is the hands-down best color for pageant evening gowns, but other colors can win as well.  Here is how pageant gown colors rate… The pageant evening gown competition is your opportunity to shine and convey to judges that you should be their queen.  But what is the best color to wear in the evening [Read more...]

Pageant Gowns: Best Colors for Each Pageant System

2011 Miss Earth in white pageant gown

Statistically, there are specific colors for pageant gowns that are much more successful in pageants. Pageant gown colors do count!  According to our statistical research, there are specific pageant gown colors that are consistently successful in national and international pageants. The [Read more...]

A Pageant Gown Must Fit the System | Picking Gowns for Each Type of Pageant

Miss Earth pageant winner gown

What Judges Look For in Pageant Gowns Choosing a pageant gown is one of the most exciting parts of preparing to compete in pageants. As the most glamorous event in pageants, the evening gown competition provides entrants with an ideal opportunity to look their most beautiful, project the image of a winner, and clinch the [Read more...]

What You Must Know About Pageant Gowns

tips for pageant gownsYour Pageant Gown is Your Portrait The ideal gown or pageant dress will also complement the young lady’s personality by highlighting her best qualities for judges. She is painting her self-portrait for the panel. And, as any artist knows, a Rembrandt is different from a Rubens. Yet both are masterpieces. A girl’s evening gown portrait [Read more...]

Do Pageant Gowns Need to be Expensive to Win?

Miss America 1988 Kaye Lani Rafko in a donated pageant gown

Do you have to wear expensive pageant gowns to win? It depends on the gown and its wearer. Keep in mind, the purpose of pageant gowns is to make contestants look beautiful, flatter their figures, create a winning image, and convince judges to award them high scores. Any pageant gown that achieves those quali­ties is [Read more...]

Pageant Gown Colors Create your Image

red pageant gown in Alize Lily Mounter, Miss England 2011

What pageant gown color should you wear in pageants? When selecting your pageant gown, understand the psychology of color. “Sixty percent of a person’s reaction to any situation is based on color,” claims Carlton Wagner, director of the Wagner Institute for Color Research.’ A contestant can use her pageant gown colors to control how judges [Read more...]

Sherri Hill, famous for her winning pageant gowns, debuts her prom collection in Atlanta

Miss America 2006 Jennifer Berry in Sherri Hill gown

Miss USA® and Miss America® winners have competed in Sherri Hill gowns. Sherri Hill, known for her Pageant gowns, red carpet gowns and innovative Prom and cocktail dresses is now with Scala Eveningwear Inc a 23 year old powerhouse in eveningwear. Sherri Hill gowns are regularly worn by Miss USA [Read more...]

Regalia is named 2012 Evening Gown Competition sponsor for 2012 Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Pageant

Regalia Magnificent Apparel pageant dresses and gowns

Regalia Magnificent Apparel, famous for its pageant dresses and gowns, supports MAOT Scholarship Pageant Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization is pleased to announce that Regalia Magnificent Apparel will be the 2012 Evening Gown Competition Sponsor for this year’s Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Pageant. Regalia will also provide the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2013 titleholder with an [Read more...]



Avoid Mistakes in Your Pageant Gown

pageant gowns on display

Contestants Need to Avoid  Mistakes When They Chose Their Evening Gown Mistakes in the choice of a pageant gown eliminate contestants by revealing to judges which girls don’t have the qualities necessary to be an effective titleholder: good judgment, taste, modesty, or common sense. “I think intelligence plays a part,” says Vernon DeSear, who supervised [Read more...]

Six tips to pick the best evening gown for a pageant


How to Pick a Winning Evening Gown for a Pageant In pageant competition, the ideal gown or pageant dress must complement the young lady’s personality by highlighting her best qualities for judges. She is painting her portrait for the panel. And, as any artist knows, a classic Rembrandt is different from an abstract Picasso. Yet [Read more...]

Choose a Pageant Gown by Body Type

pageant gown tip: slim waistline

The Right Pageant Gown Can Dramatically Improve a Contestant’s Appearance First, to pick the perfect pageant gown a young lady must know her figure type. Once she understands her figure’s assets and flaws she can use figure camouflage techniques to emphasize her best features, hide her flaws, and balance her body proportions. Such cam­ouflage is [Read more...]

Jovani …Exquisite high-end pageant dresses at competitive prices

Jovani pageant dresses

Jovani could easily target its designer dresses solely at the nation’s 1%, but they have priced many of their finest dresses with the 99% in mind. Jovani has earned widespread appeal for its innovative and envelope-pushing approach to women’s fashion. This international fashion house was born in 1980, [Read more...]

Pageant Tips: Considerations for choosing pageant dresses

Pageant dresses by Jovani

Pageant dresses are more than just simple clothes that you can find in every other apparel store. When you are in this dress, you become special, attractive and talk of the gathering. New York / / February 18, 2012 — Pageant dresses are more than just simple clothes that you can find in every [Read more...]

Pageant gowns for beautiful ladies

Pageant dresses by Jovani

Pageant gowns are the dresses you can wear in late evening parties and even weddings and other special occasions. Pageant gowns are the dresses you can wear in late evening parties and even weddings and other special occasions. This gown will make you feel light as [Read more...]

Pageant Tips: Fitting pageant gowns for teenage girls and adult women

Pageant dresses by Jovani

Choosing perfect pageant gowns and dresses can be a challenge if you are not sure which aspect of your personality you want others to know. Pageant gowns are special garments that you can find only in dedicated a designer dresses store and if you are [Read more...]

Pageant dresses for summer of 2012 released by Jovani

Pageant dresses by Jovani

Here we are once again with a new season just around the corner, and once again Jovani has excelled with their unbelievable selection of dresses, and their crowning glory this season is their selection of Pageant Dresses. The little Black Dress as never seen before, [Read more...]

Premier provider of pageant dresses found its way into the heart of pageant fashionistas around the world

Premier provider of pageant dresses

As its name suggests, has earned its top spot as the go-to destination for pageant dresses and party dresses of superior quality design and craftsmanship. This company’s user-friendly, easy-to-navigate and extremely informative website has become a hub for the world’s most popular and critically acclaimed designers. Only the [Read more...]

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