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Evening Gown Competition

What You Must Know About Pageant Gowns

tips for pageant gowns

Your Pageant Gown is Your Portrait The ideal gown or pageant dress will also complement the young lady’s personality by highlighting her best qualities for judges. She is painting her self-portrait for the panel. And, as any artist knows, a Rembrandt is different from a Rubens. Yet both are masterpieces. A girl’s evening gown portrait [Read more...]

Best Colors for Each Pageant System

2011 Miss Earth in white pageant gown

Statistically, there are specific colors for pageant gowns that are much more successful in pageants. Pageant gown colors do count!  According to our statistical research, there are specific pageant gown colors that are consistently successful in national and international pageants. The fact that certain colors fare better than others does not mean that the color [Read more...]

Best colors for pageant gowns

Christy Fichtner Miss USA 1986

White is the hands-down best color for pageant evening gowns, but other colors can win as well.  Here is how pageant gown colors rate… The pageant evening gown competition is your opportunity to shine and convey to judges that you should be their queen.  But what is the best color to wear in the evening [Read more...]

Pageant Gown Colors Create your Image

red pageant gown in Alize Lily Mounter, Miss England 2011

What pageant gown color should you wear in pageants? When selecting your pageant gown, understand the psychology of color. “Sixty percent of a person’s reaction to any situation is based on color,” claims Carlton Wagner, director of the Wagner Institute for Color Research.’ A contestant can use her pageant gown colors to control how judges [Read more...]

Picking Gowns for Each Type of Pageant

Miss Earth pageant winner gown

What Judges Look For in Pageant Gowns Choosing a pageant gown is one of the most exciting parts of preparing to compete in pageants. As the most glamorous event in pageants, the evening gown competition provides entrants with an ideal opportunity to look their most beautiful, project the image of a winner, and clinch the [Read more...]

Avoid Mistakes in Your Pageant Gown

pageant gowns on display

Contestants Need to Avoid  Mistakes When They Chose Their Evening Gown Mistakes in the choice of a pageant gown eliminate contestants by revealing to judges which girls don’t have the qualities necessary to be an effective titleholder: good judgment, taste, modesty, or common sense. “I think intelligence plays a part,” says Vernon DeSear, who supervised [Read more...]

Choose a Pageant Gown by Body Type

pageant gown tip: slim waistline

The Right Pageant Gown Can Dramatically Improve a Contestant’s Appearance First, to pick the perfect pageant gown a young lady must know her figure type. Once she understands her figure’s assets and flaws she can use figure camouflage techniques to emphasize her best features, hide her flaws, and balance her body proportions. Such camouflage is [Read more...]

Six tips to pick the best evening gown for a pageant

miss-usa-pageant-gown How to Pick a Winning Evening Gown for a Pageant. In pageant competition, the ideal gown or pageant dress must complement the young lady’s person­ality by highlighting her best qualities for judges. She is painting her … [Read More...]

The Pageant Walk: How to Walk in Evening Gown

the pageant walk

Tips for Pageant Walking Gain Points for Your  Beautiful Walk during Evening Gown and Swimsuit Competitions… To convince the judges that she is their winner, a contestant must look like a winner. To score highly she must develop grace and confidence of bearing and a confident, feminine walk. Walking in the Evening Gown Competition A [Read more...]

What do you wear under pageant gowns?

The Right Bra

Bras and undies for Pageant Evening Gowns Proper undergarments are the foundation for that winning look in the pageant’s evening gown competition. “Just like a house, the proper foundation is the most important thing,” asserts Robin Elliott-Bear, a pageant gown specialist. Pageant undergar­ments include backless long-line bras, bust-to-hip bustiers, bust cups, waist-cinchers, T-panties, and hosiery [Read more...]

What jewelry is best to wear with pageant gowns?

pageant earrings on Miss America 2008

Pageant Jewelry for the Evening Gown Competition A contestant’s pageant gown, the right jewelry and shoes add the winning touches that complete her look. As the accessory closest to a contestant’s face, her pageant jewelry must be impeccable. “Accessories are the frame to the picture,” says pageant clothier, Thomas Tolbert. “Jewelry enhances and finishes the [Read more...]

Choose the right shoes for the evening gown competition

open toe pageant shoes with sparkle

What Type of Pageant Shoes are Best with your Gown? When it comes to the evening gown competition, the right pageant shoes also finish the image the contestant is creating for judges. Pageant contestants in their teens and up should always wear high heels in the evening gown competition to create a taller, slimmer, more [Read more...]

Do Pageant Gowns Need to be Expensive to Win?

Miss America 1988 Kaye Lani Rafko in a donated pageant gown

Do you have to wear expensive pageant gowns to win? It depends on the gown and its wearer. Keep in mind, the purpose of pageant gowns is to make contestants look beautiful, flatter their figures, create a winning image, and convince judges to award them high scores. Any pageant gown that achieves those quali­ties is [Read more...]


Winning Attitude / Habits of Winners

Top Habits of Pageant Winners | The Winning Attitude

Pageant winners habits - Miss Universe 2009, Stefania Fernandez

The Difference Between Pageant Winners and Losers is the Choices Made Each Day To Win Pageants, You Need to Create Winning Behavior Every Day… The most significant ingredient in achieving success is choosing winning behavior day-by-day. Make no mistake about it. The greatest difference between winners and losers in pageants and life – is not [Read more...]

Inspiring performances – dedicated to all the pageants contestants who have ever been made to feel they didn’t measure up….

winning body language in pageant interviewsThis page is dedicated to all the pageant contestants who have been made to feel they don't measure up. It doesn't matter what others think or say about you. Always believe in yourself, … [Read More...]

Believe in Yourself When Others Don’t

Vanessa Williams, swimsuit competition winner, 1984 Miss America Pageant.

Winning the crown means believing in yourself when those around you say, “I’ll believe it when I see it” “You have to believe in yourself. If you don’t, that’s your downfall.” – Vanessa Williams, (dethroned) Miss America 1984 and a Grammy award winning vocalist Be forewarned. As you are working to transform your dreams into [Read more...]

Understand that pageant winners are young women who dare to believe in their dreams

Leanza Cornett, Miss America 1992

The first step in turning your dreams into reality is understanding that famous titles are won by real people. Real girls grow up to be Miss World, Miss USA, and Miss Universe. “The very worst that can happen through pursuing this dream is that you become a better human being.  [Read more...]

How to Use Visualization to Win

Gretchen Carlson, Miss America 1989, visualization tip

Visualize Your Way to Success in Pageants “I am a firm believer in visualizing how far you want to go in competition. If you visualize that you want to become part of the top ten, then you should see yourself lined up in the top ten” — Gretchen Carlson, Miss America 1989 Closely observe participants [Read more...]

Be Willing to Sweat for Success in Pageants

Miss America 1980, Cheryl Prewitt

When hard work is added to winning daily choices, even seemingly impossible dreams can be achieved! Cheryl Prewitt, Miss America 1980′s commitment to hard work elevated her from the Miss Choctaw County stage to the Miss America runway. Yet initially she [Read more...]

Your Past Does Not Limit Your Potential in Pageants

Miss Teen USA 1993, Charlotte Lopez

In pageants, a girl’s disadvantaged upbringing, poverty, serious illness, physical handicaps, or past tragedies are no indication of her potential to win the crown. In fact, dozens of young women have overcome enormous personal obstacles to achieve great success in pageants… » After surviving a near-fatal car accident, mangled leg, and over one hundred stitches [Read more...]

What to do when you lose

Kaye Lani Rae Rafko, Miss America 1988

Using Losing Pageants to Help You Win! “Everybody thinks that Miss Americas have always won. Boy are they wrong! I went in every year for five years – and lost. I finally won my first local pageant after four years.” – Cheryl Prewitt, Miss America 1980 Many Pageant Winners Lost for Years Before Winning… The [Read more...]

Pageant Makeup, Hair and Beauty

How to Create a Winning Pageant Smile


A beautiful smile is the one feature all pageant winners have in common Indeed, if you survey major pageant winners over the decades, whether the titleholder is a Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Universe or Miss World, it is obvious that titleholders almost always possessed the so-called pageant smile. In fact, other than great pageant [Read more ...]

Guide to perfect pageant makeup

Lu Parker, Miss USA 1994The Art of Perfect Pageant Makeup... Long gone are the days when Mary Campbell, Miss America 1922, boasted, “I don’t use cosmetics. I never have. I don’t need them.” Today, correct cosmetics can virtually transform a … [Read More...]

The Right Makeup for Pageant Interviews and On-Stage

pageant makeup tips

Perfect Pageant Makeup for Interviews and Stage “For my interview I wore real natural-looking shades of lipstick and looked as soft and natural as I could. Pageant makeup should be something that enhances, but doesn’t look like makeup.” — Debra Maffett, Miss America 1983 Pageant makeup has come a long way, baby! Long gone are [Read more...]

Pageant Interview

Pageant Interview Tips: Don’t Stall or Ramble When You Answer

Miss USA 2012, Olivia Culpo, pageant interview

Get to the Point … Don’t Ramble When You Answer Pageant Questions During your pageant interviews, get to the point. Rambling is a sure sign that a contestant hasn’t prepared adequately. When a girl hasn’t mentally digested an issue, her thoughts are disorganized and she has difficulty putting her views into words. She bluffs, hoping [Read more...]

Pageant interviews can be full of surprises, so be prepared for everything!

Miss Universe 1984, Yvonne Ryding, Miss Sweden, final question

Pageant interviews can run the gamut, from relaxed and funny to very serious and demanding… Judges’ personalities can affect the tone of pageant interviews, making them anything from challenging and serious to relaxed and fun. Be prepared for anything and give the judges what they want. They might ask you silly questions, so remember to [Read more...]

Pageant Interview Tip #3: Show the Pageant Judges Your Personality

Miss Teen of America Pageant Carlene Miller

No matter how bright and knowledgeable a pageant contestant is, she must be an outgoing people person with the ability to positively affect people from all walks of life. Without that quality, a girl might as well toss away her banner and go home. “She has to be confident, sincere, and have a congenial personality,” [Read more...]

How to Answer When Judges Ask About Your Worst Fault | Pageant answers for tough questions

Alicia Machado, Miss Universe 1996 pageant interview answer

Pageant Answers for those dreaded pageant interview questions like “What is your worst quality?” Pageant judges also like to ask contestants some of the worst questions! Questions that try to really poke and probe you, trying to get right to the heart of matters, like “Miss so-and-so, please share your…” worst fault worst feature greatest [Read more...]

Winning Body Language in Pageant Interviews

winning body language in pageant interviews

Use Your Body Language to Look Like the Winner From the moment a contestant enters the pageant interview,  judges scrutinize her, asking themselves, “Does this young lady have what it takes to be our winner?” How the candidate performs in those first moments is criti­cal of her interview with the judges. “What kind of impact [Read more...]

How to Prepare for your Pageant Interviews

How to Prepare for your Pageant Interviews

What Judges Are Likely to Ask You in Pageant Interviews One of the purposes of pageant interviews is to reveal if a contestant can think. Clear thinking requires knowledge, and mental organization to use that information. To prepare well for the interview process, a girl needs to become a bit of a “human filing cabinet.” [Read more...]

Is Your Voice Turning Off the Judges?

Wendy Fitzwilliams, miss Universe 1997, pageant interview

Pageant winners have beautiful voices, so learn how to speak like a queen… A Great Voice Can Help You Win An excellent voice is a true asset in pageant competition because it completes a contestant’s image and makes her sound like a winner. The vast majority of national and international pageant winners have excellent speaking [Read more...]

Improve your Pageant Interviews with Mock Judges’ Interviews

mock pageant interviews

While there are many ways to improve contestant’s general communication skills, the most effective technique for specifically improving pageant interviews is mock interviews. Indeed, videotaped interviews have proven so useful that they are routinely used by pageant preparation committees to prepare state winners for national pageant competition. A video records the contestant as she is [Read more...]

Know the Pageant Judges and the Day’s Headlines

Pageant interview tip from Leanza Cornett, Miss America

It’s pageant interview day, at last. Be forewarned. Before entering your interview with the judges, there are two things every contestant should be able to answer questions about: your judges and the day’s headlines. Know Your Pageant Interview Judges A favorite technique pageant judges use for testing contestants’ mental alertness is to ask questions such [Read more...]

Pageant Interview Mistakes You Must Avoid

Pageant Interview Mistakes to avoid

Pageant interviews are difficult enough for many contestants, but there are certain mistakes that every contestant must avoid in interviews with the pageant judges. First, remember that difficult pageant questions are revealing… and point-losers if mishandled. Pageant judges do not expect contestants to be perfect — but they do expect them to show good judgment [Read more...]

On-Stage Questions / Top 5 Questions

Top Five Questions and On-Stage Questions

Miss Teen USA 1994, Charlotte Lopez, in pageant top 5 question

Pageants usually conduct onstage interviews and top five questions. These crucial top five questions and on-stage interviews are some of the most important aspects of pageant competition, where you must know how to succeed. The Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss Universe pageants, in particular, place heavy emphasis on speaking skills with three onstage [Read more...]

Score Points for Humor in Pageant Interviews and On-Stage Questions

Alicia Machado ( Venezuela ), Miss Universe 1996 pageant interview

Humor is an invaluable tool for pageant interviews! The ability to make judges laugh can make a contestant appear more confident, personable, and intelligent, and energize even the dullest interview. And it is absolutely a point-getter during on-stage interviews.  [Read more...]

How to discuss serious or tragic personal issues during pageant interviews

Ivian Sarcos Colmenares wins Miss World Pageant

Examples of How to Handle Serious or Tragic Personal Experiences. Sometimes during a pageant’s on-stage interview competition, the emcee will ask you to discuss an obstacle you’ve had to overcome in your life… on live television or before a live audience. If you have survived an unusual experience, don’t be afraid to share that in [Read more...]

Different right answers to judges’ questions

Miss Universe Pageant 2011 intervew

What makes a pageant answer successful isn’t that it is the “right” answer, but that it is an intelligent answer delivered the right way. Say what you think and back it up. Although sounding like a winner is absolutely necessary to winning pageant interviews, there are no perfect answers guaranteed to impress the judges. What [Read more...]

How to recover from a mistake during your pageant question

Gretchen Carlson, Miss America 1989, pageant question mistake

How to Handle Mistakes During Pageant Questions On-Stage The stress during top final pageant questions can be so intense that mistakes can easily occur. In several major pageants, when contestants were asked questions that unsettled them, several finalists simply gave up halfway through their answer or responded weakly (“Heaven only knows…”)immediately removing themselves from [Read more...]

The sexiest Miss Universe Top 5 interview ever!

Cecilia Bolocco, Miss Universe 1987, sexy interview with Bob Barker

It's the sexiest Miss Universe on-stage interview ever! Gorgeous Cecilia Bolocco, Miss Chile, captures emcee Bob Barker’s interest – and the 1987 Miss Universe® crown. This is the best example of an international contestant simply radiating elegant sex appeal.  [Read more...]

Swimsuit Competition Tips

How to Win the Pageant Swimsuit Competition

Miss World swimsuit competition in 2011

The swimsuit competition is the oldest event in pageants, with the first Miss America crowned the Most Beautiful Bathing Beauty in America in 1921. The swimsuit competition has changed a lot since that era when contestants paraded down the beach in swim-dresses, wool bloomers, and knee socks (not kidding).  Or even the 1950′s when contestants [Read more...]

Pick the Right Pageant Swimsuit for Your Figure

Leila Lopes, Miss Universe 2012, in swimsuit competition.

Pick a Pageant Swimsuit that Hides Figure Flaws The trick to choosing the best pageant swimsuit for your figure is to know your figure flaws and use the swimsuit’s style, seams, leg height, color and fabric to direct the eye toward [Read more...]

The Swimsuit Diet

swimsuit-competition-susan-akin_bSwimsuit Competition Diet Tips The Bottom Line is Exercise ... and Lots of It! Exercise is only the first step in preparing a figure for the swimsuit competition. The second step is eating to win. “Weight training is … [Read More...]

Swimsuit Competition Tips: How to build a winning body

swimsuit competition, shawn weatherly, mis universe 1980Tips to develop a figure that can win a pageant swimsuit competition While most pageant experts agree that today’s judges prefer a physique that is in top physical condition, exactly what does that mean? “A fit, … [Read More...]

Key to Success in the Pageant Swimsuit Competition

Melissa Minter in swimwear atMiss Galaxy UK Pageant in 2012.Sandstorm Luxury swimsuit specialist offers great tips to prepare for the pageant swimsuit competition. The thought of strutting your stuff in front of an audience in a swimsuit can be daunting prospect for many a pageant … [Read More...]

General Pageant Tips

If you Don’t Win, Change to a Pageant in a Different State

Debra Maffett, Miss America 1983

Pageants can be a very tough, competitive world.   If you’ve worked and improved . . . prepared and practiced . . . entered and competed . . . and lost…and lost. The crown still remains out of grasp. What next? [Read more...]

You Should Use Your Clothing to Look Like a Winner From Your First Moment On-Stage

pageant costuming for contestant introductionYou should look like a winner from the first moment you step onstage, because the judges’ first impressions set the tone for the rest of the pageant. Contestants are usually introduced onstage in the “Parade of Contestants” or “Parade of States,” ...[Read more...] is not affiliated in any way with any pageant listed on this website. All trademarks on this web site whether registered or not, are the property of their respective owners.
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