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Pageant Questions

pageant questions

Are you looking for free pageant questions to prepare for your next competition? Pageant interviews are easily the most important phase of competition, where the crown is won...or lost. To help contestants prepare for this all important conversation with the judges, Pageant Center provides the largest collection of free sample judges interview questions online. These thousands of sample questions, many of which are submitted to us by pageant judges and contestants, are organized by category, allowing you to study for questions by specific topic. Click on any category below to view the questions for that topic.

  • The questions below are not for children.  They are for contestants age 16 and older. 
  • Questions for contestants under age 16 are located in our children's pageant questions area.
  • If you are a pageant contestant, judge or director, we welcome you to submit the pageant questions you gave been asked in your interviews, or that you are asking as a judge.
  • Also, view our new pageant answers area!

Keep scrolling to find the questions judges may ask you!....

Over 1000 Pageant Sample Questions in Dozens of Categories!


pageant questions

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