Miss America Pageant Results 1941

1941 Miss America Pageant - Rosemary LaPlanche Miss California wins

Rosemary LaPlanche Miss America 1941
Rosemary LaPlanche, Miss California, won the 1941 Miss America title.
Rosemary LaPlanche, Miss California, won the 1941 Miss America Pageant after placing as the first runner-up to Frances Burke Miss America 1940 the year before. The pair were reunited when Burke returned to Atlantic City crown her first former runner-up as her successor.

LaPlanche performed a ballet tap during the talent competition.

It is one of the rare years when a double preliminary winner has failed to win the crown. Miss North Carolina, Joey Augusta Paxton, who won both the preliminary swimsuit competition and talent competition, placed as 4th runner-up. The gorgeous and glamorous Rosemary had won only the preliminary swimsuit competition.

At the conclusion of her reign, she crowned her successor, Miss America 1942 Jo-Carroll Dennison, Miss Texas.

After her reign, LaPlanche signed with RKO Pictures and became the pageant's first true film star, appearing in eighty-four films, including:
  • "One Hundred Men And A Girl" (1937)
  • "Mad About Music" (1938)
  • "Irene" (1940)
  • "Fall In" (1942)
  • "Prairie Chickens" (1943)
  • "Gildersleeve On Broadway" (1943)
  • "Girl Rush" (1944)
  • "Betty Co-Ed" (1946)
  • "Strangler of the Swamp" (1946)
  • "Devil Bat's Daughter" (1946)
  • "Jack Armstrong" (1947)
  • "Federal Agents vs. Underworld Inc." (1949)
  • "An Old-Fashioned Girl" (1949)
  • "Angels' Alley" (1948)
  • "Golden Hands Of Kunigal" (1966)
  • View complete list of movie credits

Rosemary LaPlanche Miss America 1941 in Jack Armstrong movie Rosemary LaPlanche Miss America 1941 in Federal Agents versus Underworld, Inc. movie Rosemary LaPlanche Miss America 1941 in Devil Bat's Daughter movie Rosemary LaPlanche Miss America 1941 in Strangler of the Swamp movie

Rosemary inadvertently became the centerpiece in an amusing incident at the 1951 Emmy Awards. Legendary actor Groucho Marx created a stir when he was named the winner of an Emmy for "most outstanding personality" in television, by grabbing the former Miss America who was serving as a presenter, instead of his Emmy statuette. He later quipped that he thought LaPlanche "was Emmy".*

On an interesting note, in a 2000 report, "Miss America winners getting skinnier",  the curvaceous LaPlanche was cited as the Miss America with the highest body fat index at 22.4.**

Rosemary went on to marry television producer Harry Koplan with whom she raised two children. A multi-talented woman, Rosemary also became a renowned oil painter. She died in 1979 at age fifty-six.

all Miss Americas

  • Miss America 1941: Rosemary LaPlanche, Miss California  
  • 1st runner-up: Roselle Marie Hannon, Miss Western Pennsylvania
  • 2nd runner-up: Jean Fidelis Cavanaugh, Miss Washington DC
  • 3rd runner-up:  Lillian Helen O'Donnell, Miss Westchester County, New York
  • 4th runner-up: Joey Augusta Paxton, Miss North Carolina


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