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Mrs. World 1985 - Rosy Senanayake, Mrs. Sri Lanka
Mrs. World 1986 - Astrid de Navia, Mrs. Columbia
Mrs. World 1987 - Barbara Riley, Mrs. New Zealand
Mrs. World 1987 - Pamela Nail, Mrs. United States
Mrs. World 1989 - Lucila Boggiano, Mrs. Peru
Mrs. World 1996 - Marisol Soto de Volio, Mrs. Costa Rica
Mrs. World 2000 - Starla Stanley, Mrs. United States
Mrs. World 2001 - Dr. Sarah Muffazal Lakdawala, Mrs. India
Mrs. World 2002 - Nicole Brink, Mrs. United States
Mrs. World 2003 - Suzanna Vicheinrut, Mrs. United States
Mrs. World 2004 - Suzanna Vicheinrut, Mrs. United States
Mrs. World 2005 - Sima Bakahr, Mrs. Israel
Mrs. World 2006 - Sofia Arzhakovskaya, Mrs. Russia
Mrs. World 2007 - Diane Tucker, Mrs. United States
Mrs. World 2008 - Natayla Shmarenkova, Mrs. Ukraine
Mrs. World 2009 - Victoria Radochinskaya, Mrs. Russia
Mrs. World 2010 - NA
Mrs. World 2011 - April Lufriu, Mrs. United States (Florida)

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