Mrs. America Pageant Winners

Mrs. America Pageant Winners

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Mrs. America 1977 - Ruth Johnson, California
Mrs. America 1978 - Cindy Roberts, Alaska
Mrs. America 1979 - Carrie Gabriel Strom, New Jersey
Mrs. America 1980 - Carol McEwen, Texas
Mrs. America 1981 - Paddy Boyd Argovitz, Louisiana
Mrs. America 1982 - Rhonda McGeeney, Texas
Mrs. America 1983 - Susan Goodman, Missouri
Mrs. America 1984 - Deborah Wolfe, West Virginia
Mrs. America 1985 - Donna Russell, Mississippi
Mrs. America 1986 - Cynthia Amann, Florida
Mrs. America 1987 - Pamela Nail, Mississippi
Mrs. America 1987 - Suzy Katz, California
Mrs. America 1988 - Jennifer Kline, Minnesota
Mrs. America 1989 - Jennifer Johnson, Oklahoma
Mrs. America 1991 - Kristianna Nichols, Indiana
Mrs. America 1992 - Dr. Doris Martineaux Dalton, Pennsylvania
Mrs. America 1993 - Keyna Baucom, North Carolina
Mrs. America 1994 - Wendy Lewis, Texas
Mrs. America 1995 - Kimberly Brasher, Oklahoma
Mrs. America 1996 - Cynthia Pensiero, Ohio
Mrs. America 1997 - Lisa Lilienthal, New York
Mrs. America 1998 - Renee Cairns, Florida
Mrs. America 1999 - Starla Stanley, Utah
Mrs. America 1999 - Stacie Willis, Alabama
Mrs. America 2000 - Leslie Lam, Hawaii
Mrs. America 2001 - Nicole Brink, Indiana
Mrs. America 2002 - Laurett Ellsworth Arenz, Virginia
Mrs. America 2003 - Kristi Leigh Phillips, Alabama
Mrs. America 2004 - Heidi Dinan, Missouri
Mrs. America 2005 - Julie Love Templeton, Alabama
Mrs. America 2006 - Andrea Preuss, California
Mrs. America 2007 - Diane Tucker, Arizona
Mrs. America 2007 - Marney Duckworth, Colorado
Mrs. America 2008 - Kelly McBee, West Virginia
Mrs. America 2009 - Maureen MacDonald, North Carolina
Mrs. America 2010 - Andrea Robertson, North Carolina
Mrs. America 2011 - Shelley Carbone, Connecticut
Mrs. America 2012 - Lara Leimana Fonoimoana, Hawaii
Mrs. America 2013 - Vicki Sarber, Alaska

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