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Cool Pageant Sites #3

Photos from 2004 Miss America Pageant

David Letterman's "Top Ten" archives on Pageants

Miss America:  The American Experience: Teacher's Guide

Are You Smarter Than Miss America?  The 2001 Miss America pageant featured, for the first time ever and for no apparent reason, a multiple-choice quiz section which covered subjects from...

Inmates as beauty queens 

Pageant Theme Midi

Two Women Fight Court Battle to Decide Who is the Real Beauty Contest Winner

Miss Drumsticks & other Beauty Pageants

Get 'Happy,' It's a Real Beauty

Congratulations to Florida's Miss America 2004- Erica Dunlap.  -  Visit Miss Florida Pageant's online photobook

Wisconsin doctor misses Miss America crown 

Close-up and Personal with Erika Harold -  Women's Ministries profile 

Former Miss World Aishwarya Rai injured in a motor accident while she making a film 

Aishwarya Rai injured in accident 

Actress Aishwarya Rai, former Miss World, is recovering in hospital in Bombay (Mumbai) after being injured in an accident. 

2002 Miss USA Pageant contestant photo gallery

From Mulholland Drive to Rats, Laura Harring Takes on the Unexpected - Paul Fischer interviews the first Latina Miss USA, who became a Countess by marriage

Miss America: Diabetes can't kill the dream; Beauty queen, kids make pinkie pledge  

Miss America Judging- Official criteria for selection of Miss America 

Miss America Pageant Official Site - Read bios of the national contestants, keep up with preliminary winners, and learn more about the new Miss America 2000. 

Miss Korea Multimedia site

Interesting Site for Miss Korea fans

Happy, Texas - Movie Review 

Miss Universe Pageant Page - Official Website in English and en espanol. 

Ron Hashiro's Miss Universe Photos Page - Photographic archive site by the respected Hawaiian photographer. 

Queen of Miss Universes Contest Results - Survey results on most influential Miss Universe winner conducted by The Friendship Tavern website. 

Miss Venezuela Shrine by the pageant specialist, Husam Abedaker. This beautiful site features a fascinating gallery of photos, many of them rare, celebrating the beauty and celebrity of Miss Venezuelas, not to mention, Mr. Venezuela (Okay, we admit it. We didn't know there was a Mr. Venezuela.) By the way, to see photos of Husam with Miss Universe 1998, be sure to visit our Pageant Scrapbook page on this site. 

Pageant Message Board - Darryl Enabore's MaBuhay's new Miss Philippines Pageant Message Board for "all pageant fans and people who appreciate the beauty of the Filipina woman." A timely page, given the fact that Miss Teen USA 1998 is of Philippine heritage.  

Pageant News - Our very cool friend, Kelvin Alejandro, has added a truly fascinating feature on his site - global pageant news, insiders' commentaries, and, do we dare admit it -- gossip! if you enjoy Latina pageant winners, don't miss this gem of a site! 

1999 Binibining Pilipinas Queens - Updates on the Miss Philippines Pageant and its contestants  

Miss Universe Hall - A fun, photo-packed site complete with quizzes to test the knowledge of die-hard pageant fans. You know, the folks who can can rattle off the shoe size of Miss Scotland in the 1961 Miss Universe Pageant. We are talking major micro pageant trivia! Of course, we loved it. 

Asian Pageants - Global Forum's website honoring Asian pageantry  

Miss World USA Pageant 

Lycos sites devoted to Miss Universe 

Website devoted to Halle Berry  

Pageant Related Movies- PNB's excellent coverage of pageant-related films or films featuring pageant contest

Beauty Pageant Honors Ugly But Cute Canines  

There's more pageant cool stuff... 
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