Pageant Books: How to Win Pagents

Pageant Books: How to Win Pageants

How to Win Pageants by Ginie Sayles

In this book, written by the bestselling author of How to Marry the Rich, you will find all the information necessary to maximize your chances of winning a beauty pageant. Based on 10-year research and interviews with winners, participants, and judges (including a Miss America, Miss Universe, and Miss Canada), the book shows you how tin won pageants.

How to Win Your Crown: A Teen's Guide to Pageant Competition

How to Win Your Crown: A Teen's Guide to Pageant Competition

Barbara T. Howell - a 1, 2, 3 book -- a basic guide for teen girls new to the world of pageants, and it is more. Even teen's who decide not to jump into the world of pageants will find something valuable in these pages. Learning to be all you can be isn't just for contestants---we're betting it's a dream all females share. Turn your dreams into realities. Hoe to Win Your Crown is a savvy guide that tells you how it's done. You'll discover how pageants work, who the people are, and what's expected of you as a competitor. As a serious contender, you will need to know how to plan & organize your efforts, figure out your pageant budget, & make sound decisions about yourself and your participation. Be prepared for competition and feel your confidence soar. Work out a plan and put your plan into action.

Catching the Crown by Lu Parker Miss USA 1994

Catching the Crown by Lu Parker Miss USA 1994Catching the Crown, written by Lu Parker. Lu Parker, Miss USA®1994, a successful competitor with extensive experiences in pageants, "Catching The Crown" is a must for anyone involved with pageant competition at any level.

Catching The Crown" covers everything involved in today's highly competitive pageant environment. Topics include advice on hair, skin care, make-up, physical preparation and what to expect during competition. Parker's guidebook takes the pageant process one step further by speaking candidly about travel, dealing with the press, packing and fan-mail-even boyfriends.  

Miss America: In Pursuit of the Crown: The Complete Guide to the Miss America Pageant

Miss America: In Pursuit of the Crown: The Complete Guide to the Miss America PageantAnn-Marie Bivans...As the first authorized guidebook on the Miss America pageant, this beautifully photo-illustrated coffee table book brings to life the "Miss America experience." Miss America's year (including their hilarious blunders), judges' advice, guides too each competition, and what former winners are doing. Seen on Larry King Live, Hard Copy, American Journal, Newsweek, New York Times, Joan Rivers, and USA Today. Every Miss America fan should have a copy. 


The Crowning Touch: Preparing for Beauty Pageant Competition

The Crowning TouchBy  Anna, Stanley. The Crowning Touch is probably the most helpful guide available on preparing for pageant competition. Contestants can learn to field interview questions with finesse, open their talent with thunder, master the five points necessary to win the swimsuit competition, tell the difference between an outstanding and an outlandish gown, meet the challenge of the pop question with flair plus a host of tips on being a good competitor.

Beauty Pageants: Tiaras, Roses, and Runways

Beauty Pageants: Tiaras, Roses, and Runways Judy Alter - Nicely photo-illustrated in black-and-white and color, offers a positive and thorough look at the history of the Miss America Pageant. Discusses other talent and beauty contests and details about policies and procedures. Useful bibliography, glossary, index, and photos. An excellent book for younger students doing term papers on pageants.

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