2013 Miss USA Pageant

2013 Miss USA Pageant

Pageant Results > Miss USA Pageant > 2013 Erin Brady, Miss Connecticut USA, wins

The new Miss USA 2013 is Erin Brady, a 5'8' tall, 25 year-old from of East Hampton, Connecticut. The former Miss Connecticut USA, is a graduate of Central Connecticut State University with a degree in Finance and a minor in Criminal Justice. 

She is the first contestant from Connecticut to win the Miss USA title. Brady's victory has created an unusual pattern in pageantry, with Northeastern women now holding all three major titles: Miss USA 2013 from Connecticut, Miss Universe 2012 from Rhode Island, and Miss America 2013 from New York City. It is the first time in pageant history that the three major titles have been held by women from the Northeast.

The new Miss USA hopes to pursue an MBA and become involved with Pension Risk Transfers. She is currently a financial accountant for Prudential Retirement in Hartford, CT, where she operates the controls that ensure that each member of her team has performed their work correctly and efficiently.  

Miss USA 2013 Erin Brady
The newly-crowned Miss USA 2013 is Erin Brady, Miss Connecticut USA, an accountant from Hartford, CT.

During the competition during important final question, Brady was asked for her views about the recent Supreme Court ruling on police DNA test. She stated that, if someone has committed a serious crime and is being prosecuted, since there are so many crimes, we should test them.

During a more relaxed on-stage conversation with the host beforehand, she was asked if she thought social media was becoming a challenge for young people. She commented that everyone is tweeting and verbal communication is suffering as a result, and that she'd rather have a face-to-face conversation.

In the evening gown competition, Brady was a stand-out, wearing a stunning white gown with a skin tone bodice and flowing skirt.  The beautiful light brunette beauty has been fascinated by tropical fish since childhood and keeps a collection in a large fish tank.

Erin was raised in a home heavily influenced by alcohol and substance abuse and she sadly remembers the lack of support and places to turn to for the children of addicts, such as her.  She has since learned that more than half of adult addicts are children of alcoholics. It is her goal to help break the cycle of addiction as she plans to be an advocate for children of alcohol and substance abuse.

Miss Connecticut USA 2013 has helped with the Ferrari and Friends Concorso, which works closely with the Children's Medical Hospital and the "Make-A-Wish Foundation"; Susan G. Komen, Walk for The Cure events; and, Habitat for Humanity as her charities of choice.

She was crowned by outgoing Miss USA 2012, Nana Meriwether of Maryland, who assumed the title after the original winner, Miss Rhode Island USA, Olivia Culpo, was crowned Miss Universe 2012.

Miss USA 2013 and Court of Honor

  • Miss  USA 2013 - Erin Brady, Miss Connecticut USA
  • 1st runner-up: Alabama, Mary Margaret McCord
  • 2nd runner-up: Illinois, Stacie Juris
  • 3rd runner-up: Utah, Marissa Powell
  • 4th runner-up: Texas,  Ali Nugent
  • 5th runner-up: South Carolina, Megan Pinckney

Miss USA Pageant top 5 announcement of winner at 2013 Miss USA pageant
Erin Brady, Miss Connecticut, reacts to being named Miss USA 2013 Miss USA 2012 Nana Meriwether, crowns her successor, Erin brady
Erin Brady Miss USA 2013 takes victory walk New Miss USA Erin Brady reacts to winning

Top 6 Final Questions

Nana Meriwether, Miss USA 2012, shined during the pageant
Nana Meriwether, Miss USA 2012, shined during the NBC pageant telecast.

During the all important final question from judges, the tension allowed some contestants to show their unflappable calm under pressure.. while others folded under the pressure.

As finalists selected cards from the judges, the competition proved to be the undoing of the promising Miss Utah USA Marissa Powell, who struggled with her answer, giving a disjointed, halting  reply that has now become almost as widely parodied as the infamous Miss South Carolina Teen USA answer.

The eventual winner, Erin Brady Miss Connecticut USA, nailed her reply to the question asked her about the recent Supreme Court ruling on whether police should be allowed to collect DNA on arrested suspects. She unhesitatingly replied that yes, given the increase in crime and the need to protect public safety, she supported the collection of DNA.

  • Miss Utah, Marissa Powell  - Report showing women are breadwinners in 40% of homes yet women earn less than men.  Her answer has been widely parodied as one of the worst pageant answers ever.
  • Miss Alabama, Mary Margaret McCord - Is government tracking of phone record an invasion of privacy or necessary? We have to worry about our safety so she would prefer to be tracked and safe.
  • Miss Illinois, Stacie Juris - Bind drinking on college campuses. Should drinking age be lowered? College students will drink responsibly - or irresponsible - whatever their age. So might as well encourage all students to look-out for the safety of those around them.
  • Miss South Carolina, Megan Pinckney - Should people who leak classified information be charged with treason? No, they should not be charged.  If there are documents that people feel the need to show, they should show them.
  • Miss Connecticut, Erin Brady - Supreme Court ruling on police DNA test. I agree with this, if someone is being prosecuted, there are so many crimes, we should test them.
  • Miss Texas, Ali Nugent - Recently, bikinis were banned at one major pageant Miss World) due to religious objections (from Muslim groups), Should groups have that influence? We have freedoms to vote in our country, but other have the right to vote against whatever they feel is necessary.


Top 6 Casual Conversations

  • Miss Utah - adoption. Her little brother and her father are adopted and she wants to advocate it
  • Miss Alabama - Organized, "OCD" packer. Bags inside of bags, categories, etc.
  • Miss Illinois - Family traditions, annual egg cracking contest with everyone decorating eggs and playing games
  • Miss South Carolina - passed out donated toys to kids throughout her town to kids who had not received toys
  • Miss Connecticut - Social media is challenging for young people.  Everyone is tweeting and verbal communication is suffering. She'd rather have a conversation.
  • Miss Texas (saved by viewers tweets) - Met Jamie Foxx and she had never been star-struck before - until he walked in and she was speechless

Top 6 Finalists

  • Miss Utah
  • Miss Alabama
  • Miss Illinois
  • Miss South Carolina
  • Miss Connecticut
  • Miss Texas (saved by viewers tweets)

Evening Gown Competition

  • Miss Connecticut - skin tone bodice with white flowing skirt
  • Miss South Carolina - iridescent shimmering silver fitted sleeveless gown
  • Miss Ohio - yellow high cut flowing sleeveless chiffon gown with low cut bodice and rhinestone belt
  • Miss Texas - red fitted chiffon gown with gem-studded waistline and bodice
  • Miss Illinois - elegant fitted black gown with low-cut bodice and long sleeves
  • Miss Nevada - back strapless fitted Jessica Rabbit-style gown
  • Miss Louisiana - Gown with white flowing skirt and gold beaded trim
  • Miss Utah - white strapless sheath dress with silver trim and massive earrings
  • Miss Alabama - Black strapless mermaid gown with elaborate ruffled lower skirt
  • Miss North Carolina - white strapless gown with a beaded chiffon bodice and slowing skirt fully-slit to reveal a matching beaded swimsuit bottom.

Top 10

  • Miss Connecticut - financial accountant
  • Miss South Carolina - would go to lunch with Michelle Obama and ask advice on how to mature
  • Miss Ohio - dreamed of being an NFL quarterback, was son her Dad never had. Great athlete
  • Miss Texas - All over the place all the time, laughs at everything, describes personality as one of a kind
  • Miss Illinois - grew up with all sisters. sister wore clothes and she went into her class to get them back
  • Miss Nevada - loves interactions with diffident types of people and with travel
  • Miss Louisiana - went through hurricane Katrina, helped dad rebuild part of her house
  • Miss Utah - service trip to Haiti to orphanages, touched here heart deeply forever
  • Miss Alabama - heart defect as a baby. heart sounds different
  • Miss North Carolina - dad diagnosed with cancer, she can't contribute to his healing, but she is chasing after this dream for him.

Top 15 in Swimsuit Competition

  • Miss Texas, Ali Nugent - Dallas Texas
  • Miss Ohio, Kristen Smith - Dayton, Ohio, (Wants to do PR work for charities)
  • Miss Louisiana, Kristen Girault - New Orleans, Louisiana (Has been dancing and cheerleading for Saints)
  • Miss South Carolina, Megan Pinckney - 8'8", age 22 (Wants to be the editor in chief of a fashion magazine)
  • Miss Pennsylvania, Jessica Billings -  5'9", age 26 (Wants to travel the world)
  • Miss Alabama, Mary Margaret McCord - Gadsden, Alabama, 5'7", age 23 (Getting master's degree in marketing)
  • Miss Massachusetts, Sarah Kidd - Leominster, Massachusetts
    (Organized fundraisers for Operation Smile and wants to gravel for charities)
  • Miss California, Mabelynn Capeluj - San Diego, California, 5;8", age 21 (Spokesperson for National Psoriasis Organization)
  • Miss North Carolina, Ashley Love-Mills - Raleigh, North Carolina, 5'9", age 14 (Wants to work in Hollywood)
  • Miss West Virginia, Chelsea Welch - West Union, West Virginia, 5'10", age 22 (Would like to be Secretary of the Interior)
  • Miss Maryland, Kasey Staniszewski - Annapolis, Maryland 5'9", age 22 (Wants to be an international pop star and win a Grammy award)
  • Miss Illinois, Stacie Juris - Chicago, 5'7, age 23 (Makeup artist)
  • Miss Nevada, Chelsea Caswell - 5'8" age 23 (Lives near Planet Hollywood)
  • Miss Connecticut, Erin Brady - 5'8" age 25 (Fascinated by tropical fish and keep a collection in a large fish tank)
  • Miss Utah, Marissa Powell - Salt Lake City, 5'8", age 21 (Wants to us therapeutic music to help sick children)

Other Awards

  • Miss Congeniality - Miss Oregon, Gabrielle Neilan
  • Miss Photogenic USA - Miss Utah, Marissa Powell


  • Giuliana Rancic, co-anchor of “E! News”
  • Nick Jonas, Grammy-nominated American singer-songwriter
  • Color commentator: Jeannie Mai, host of Style Network’s “How Do I Look?” and Style Network's "Style Pop."


  • Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas


  • Bob Harper, Health and Fitness Expert, Author and Star on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”
  • Betsey Johnson, Legendary Fashion Designer and Star of Style Network’s “XOX Betsey Johnson”
  • NeNe Leakes, Actress “Glee,” Bravo star of “Real Housewives Atlanta” and “I Dream of NeNe”
  • Wendie Malick, Actress, Star of TV Land’s “Hot in Cleveland”
  • Jessica Robertson, Reality TV Personality on A&E’s “Duck Dynasty”
  • Larry Fitzgerald, MVP Wide Receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, Seven-time Pro Bowl Selection
  • Nikki Bella, Former WWE Diva Champion and TV Personality on E!’s “Total Divas”
  • Mo Rocca, Correspondent, “Sunday Morning” with Charles Osgood, Host of Cooking Channel’s “My Grandmother’s Ravioli
  • Christina Milian, American Actress, Singer -songwriter, Social Media Correspondent on NBC’s “The Voice”

Official Sponsors:

  • Farouk Systems Inc./CHI (Official Hair Care and Title Sponsor)
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  • Sherri Hill (Official Fashion Sponsor)
  • Chinese Laundry (Official Footwear Sponsor)
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