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Miss USA 2012 is Olivia Culpo of Rhode IslandThe new Miss USA 2012 is Olivia Culpo of Rhode Island.  The first runner-up was the statuesque and beautiful Miss Maryland USA, Nana Meriwether.   Miss Ohio USA, Audrey Bolte, was the second runner-up; crowd favorite Miss Nevada USA Jade Kelsall was named third runner-up, and Miss Georgia USA, Jasmyn Wilkins was named fourth runner-up.

The remaining members of the semi-finalists were: Miss Alabama USA - Katherine Webb, Miss Oklahoma USA Lauren Lundeen, Miss Texas USA  Brittany Booker, Miss Colorado USA Marybel Gonzalez, and Miss New Jersey USA Michelle Leonardo.

Olivia Culpo is crowned Miss USA 2012During the final question segment, Culpo was asked the Twitter question fans had submitted throughout the evening... "Would you feel it is fair if a transgender women won the Miss USA over a natural-born female?"  Her reply was, "I do think that that would be fair, but I can understand that people would be a little apprehensive to take that road because there is a tradition of natural-born women, but today where there are so many surgeries and so many people out there who have a need to change for a happier life, I do accept that because I believe it's a free country".

Immediately preceding that final question, the finalists chatted conversationally with the co-hosts in a "warm-up" question segment. The eventual winner, Miss Rhode Island USA stated that she thinks it's important for music to be taught in schools since it has been documented to improve students' cognitive skills, math and reading achievement.

During the evening gown competition, the commentators noted that she "Looks like a princess" in purple chiffon. She adores dancing and has volunteered at a shelter for homeless women and eventually wants to be a sports reporter.

Miss USA Pageant 2012 top 5Live blog...

Watching the Miss USA® pageant live on NBC tonight (Sunday night).  Posting results here as they are revealed. By the way, we absolutely love the interesting names of this year's Miss USA® women... Monique, Jasmyn, Autumn, Jade, Brandie, Nana, Marybel, Gentry, Ryanne, Erna, Rani, Kendyl, Myverick, Kelsey, Jamie Dragon, Nitaya Panemalaythong. Very cool names, ladies.

Contestants just appeared during the opening introduction in outfits from several collections from official designer Sherri Hill, including "Rock Star style", "Debutante collection", and "Champagne collection". Stunning fashions. Miss Rhode Island really rocked it, and Miss Ohio was truly sultry.  Especially beautiful group of contestants...great year!

Among the judges are The Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky and former Miss Universe Dyana Mendoza, who both look fabulous. Is it our TV or is commentator Kelly Osbourne's hair ... purple?

Andy Cohen and Giuliana Rancic are on, terrific as always.  Little advice shared with contestants from star fashion coach: "Put on your big girl panties" girls. 

The contestants looked fabulous in the evening gown competition.  Stunning group of women! While several went with very traditional classic gowns, a few were considerably more daring.  Culpo, the eventual winner, competed in a purple chiffon gown that prompted the commentators to remark that she "Looks like a princess".

During the relaxed "warm-up" questions and the official final five questions, several contestants hit it out of the park. Miss Rhode Island USA ended up with the Twitter-submitted question about - big surprise here -- the "could/should a transgender contestant win" --  question.

As they perform "America's Most Wanted", the final five appear before the judges in their evening gowns to provide judges with their final look before the final ballots are cast. Here's the results... Miss USA 2012 and her court of honor. Rhode Island has won the 2012 Miss USA title!!!  Such a beautiful woman. Congratulations to Olivia Culpo of Rhode Island!

 Olivia Culpo Miss USA 2012 in swimsuit competition  Olivia Culpo Miss USA 2012 in onstage interview
 Olivia Culpo Miss USA 2012 in evening gown competition  Olivia Culpo Miss USA 2012 in evening gown competition, full view
 Olivia Culpo Miss USA 2012 onstage interview  Olivia Culpo awaits judges question
closeup of  Olivia Culpo Miss USA 2012 top 5 at 2012 miss usa pageant

Pageant Results > 2012 Miss USA® Pageant

Miss USA - 2012 Winner and Runners-Up:

  • Miss USA 2012 - Miss Rhode Island USA - Olivia Culpo
  • 1st runner-Up: Miss Maryland USA - Nana Meriwether
  • 2nd runner-Up:  Miss Ohio USA - Audrey Bolte
  • 3rd runner-up: Miss Nevada USA - Jade Kelsall
  • 4th runner-up: Miss Georgia USA - Jasmyn Wilkins

Miss USA - 2012 Top 5:

  • Miss Georgia USA - Jasmyn Wilkins
  • Miss Nevada USA - Jade Kelsall
  • Miss Rhode Island USA - Olivia Culpo
  • Miss Maryland USA - Nana Meriwether
  • Miss Ohio USA - Audrey Bolte

Miss USA Top 5 "Tweet" Questions:

  • Georgia - The mayor of New York is banning sales of sugary drinks. Should they be banned? She's glad they are putting some restrictions on it.
  • Nevada - On "What Happens Live", six Miss USA contestants were made fun of for not being able the current vice president.  Explain it.  She says "We were very tired."  The contestants really do know who the Vice President is, but "we were all very tired after a very long day".
  • Rhode Island - Twitter question... Would you feel it is fair if a transgender women won the Miss USA over a natural-born female?  She does think it would be fair because there is "tradition" of natural born women winning pageants.  But with "so much cosmetic surgery" and such now ion pageants and life, she does think it would be fair.
  • Maryland - What is your view of Toddlers & Tiaras?  She thinks there a lot of stereotypes about pageant women and that the show does promote that. But Miss USA contestants are strong, beautiful accomplished women.
  • Ohio - Do you think women are depicted in an accurate and positive in movies and TV? She thinks it depends on the movie.  Some movies portray women positively and some portray them negatively.  But in most movies, by the end, women come out positively... For example, she cites Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman

Miss USA Top 5 Casual Questions:

  • Georgia - She went diving with sharks and, no, she did not get bit. 
  • Nevada - Attended Mohammed Ali's 70th anniversary party. She liked the  "glamorized" guests". Hmmm...
  • Rhode Island - She thinks it's important for music to be taught in schools since it improves cognitive skills, math and reading achievement.
  • Maryland - She admires Angelina Jolie.  Her parents did pro-bono medical work globally - similar to Angelina's - which inspired her.
  • Ohio - She was very independent and responsible as a youth.

Miss USA Evening gown competition:

  • Miss Alabama USA - Fitted skin tone gown with sheer underlay. Lovely, but "courageous".
  • Miss Oklahoma USA - Hair up, lovely glittery gown resembles a "party bowl of confetti" and has to be amazingly heavy, but she carries it off beautifully.
  • Miss Ohio USA - Looks like a trophy in her "joyful" canary yellow gown with train.
  • Miss Georgia USA - White fitted revealing gown "makes her torso look miles long".
  • Miss Texas USA - Low-cut fitted, beaded, very "unique" blue gown that "looks like star and stripes of a bride". 
  • Miss Colorado USA - Red gown and she "strutted with stride".  That's a "woman with confidence".
  • Miss New Jersey USA - White classic gown with a "train you don't want to mess with".  The tweets are excited about her dress.  Oops, she tripped.
  • Miss Maryland USA - Beautiful white chiffon gown.  She "showed attitude" and she's "working it".
  • Miss Rhode Island USA -  "Looks like a princess" in purple chiffon. Stunning woman.
  • Miss Nevada USA - White strapless gown with a "unique neckline".  Her hair is up which "really shows off" her neckline.

Miss USA - 2012 Top 8:

  • Miss Alabama USA - Katherine Webb
  • Miss Oklahoma USA - Lauren Lundeen
  • Miss Ohio USA - Audrey Bolte
  • Miss Georgia USA - Jasmyn Wilkins
  • Miss Texas USA - Brittany Booker
  • Miss Colorado USA - Marybel Gonzalez
  • Miss New Jersey USA - Michelle Leonardo
  • Miss Maryland USA - Nana Meriwether
  • Miss Rhode Island USA - Olivia Culpo
  • Miss Nevada USA - Jade Kelsall

Miss USA - 2012 Top 16:

  • Tennessee
  • Alabama: 3.5 GPA, has traveled on local missions trip, very happy person.
  • Ohio: Can drive a big truck, has been riding horses since she could walk and now teaches girls to ride. She'll take full advantage of USA's freedom.
  • Michigan: Doesn't believe in good luck, but loves her yoga. Very zen.
  • Maryland: Has been applying to med schools and really "worked her sash" in swimsuit. Started paying volley ball in 8th grade and was an all-American.
  • New Jersey: Worked at shelter for homeless women and wants to be a sports reporter. She adores dancing.
  • Texas: Great crowd reaction; she kissed a stingray for good luck. Women in her family inspire her, including her granny with breast cancer.
  • Colorado: She's the first person in her family to graduate from college, and she started riding horses at age five. Overcomes obstacles by setting goals.
  • Oklahoma: Only contestant with bangs and wants to open a dance studio for kids, says to be comfortable with your body.
  • Louisiana: Changed college major 4 times, wants to open clothing boutique specializing in formalwear.
  • Maine: Studied in France, world traveler, has been a vegetarian since age nine)
  • Georgia: Has three NBA players in family, is advocate for organ donation.  Her mother received an organ which saved her life. Is a video game junkie. Very laid back.
  • South Carolina: It's her 22nd birthday, she was a nanny for Hugh Jackman who helped her get into acting.
  • Rhode Island: She plays the cello, was short and tubby growing up. Loves Katherine Hepburn who radiated beauty.
  • Nevada: Had heart surgery 3 weeks before state pageant, dream job is to manage her own swimsuit shop. You can achieve goals despite setbacks like surgery.
  • Arkansas: Chosen as viewers' choice, and wants to be a celebrity stylist.

Miss USA - Pageants 2012 Contestants

  • Miss Alabama USA - Katherine Webb
  • Miss Alaska USA - Jessica Kazmierczak
  • Miss Arizona USA - Erika Frantzve
  • Miss Arkansas USA - Kelsey Dow
  • Miss California USA - Natalie Pack
  • Miss Colorado USA - Marybel Gonzalez
  • Miss Connecticut USA - Marie-Lynn Piscitelli
  • Miss Delaware USA - Krista Clausen
  • Miss District Of Columbia USA - Monique Thompkins
  • Miss Florida USA - Karina Brez
  • Miss Georgia USA - Jasmyn Wilkins
  • Miss Hawaii USA - Brandie Cazimero
  • Miss Idaho USA - Erna Palic
  • Miss Illinois USA - Ashley Hooks
  • Miss Indiana USA - Megan Myrehn
  • Miss Iowa USA - Rebecca Hodge
  • Miss Kansas USA - Gentry Miller
  • Miss Kentucky USA - Amanda Mertz
  • Miss Louisiana USA - Erin Edmiston
  • Miss Maine USA - Rani Williamson
  • Miss Maryland USA - Nana Meriwether
  • Miss Massachusetts USA - Natalie Pietrzak
  • Miss Michigan USA - Kristen Danyal
  • Miss Minnesota USA - Nitaya Panemalaythong
  • Miss Mississippi USA - Myverick Garcia
  • Miss Missouri USA - Katie Kearney
  • Miss Montana USA - Autumn Muller
  • Miss Nebraska USA - Amy Spilker
  • Miss Nevada USA - Jade Kelsall
  • Miss New Hampshire USA - Ryanne Harms
  • Miss New Jersey USA - Michelle Leonardo
  • Miss New Mexico USA - Jessica Martin
  • Miss New York USA - Johanna Sambucini
  • Miss North Carolina USA - Sydney Perry
  • Miss North Dakota USA - Jaci Stofferahn
  • Miss Ohio USA - Audrey Bolte
  • Miss Oklahoma USA - Lauren Lundeen
  • Miss Oregon USA - Alaina Bergsma
  • Miss Pennsylvania USA - Sheena Monnin
  • Miss Rhode Island USA - Olivia Culpo
  • Miss South Carolina USA - Erika Powell
  • Miss South Dakota USA - Taylor Neisen
  • Miss Tennessee USA - Jessica Hibler
  • Miss Texas USA - Brittany Booker
  • Miss Utah USA - Kendyl Bell
  • Miss Vermont USA - Jamie Dragon
  • Miss Virginia USA - Catherine Muldoon
  • Miss Washington USA - Christina Clarke
  • Miss West Virginia USA - Andrea Rogers
  • Miss Wisconsin USA - Emily Guerin
  • Miss Wyoming USA - Holly Allen

Co-hosts and Performers

  • Co-host: Andy Cohen, host of Bravo's "Watch What Happens: Live"
  • Co-host: Giuliana Rancic, co-anchor of "E! News"
  • Color Commentary: Jeannie Mai of Style Network's "How Do I Look?"
  • Performers: Train and Australia's Timomatic

Miss USA Pageant 2012 Overview

The 2012 Miss USA Pageant will be held on June 3, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the 61st Miss USA pageant. The winner of tonight's competition will represent the United States at 2012 Miss Universe Pageant.

Miss USA 2011, Alyssa Campanella, the former Miss California USA, will crown her successor. The contents will represent all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and will compete for the prestigious title.

The pageant will be televised live on NBC at 9 pm EST in the U.S. and via STAR World in Asia-Pacific. A time-edited version of the pageant will be webcast on the Xbox Live service, which will be accessed via their MSN and MSNBC applications and will be available 12-24 hours after the live pageant.

The hosts of the pageant were Andy Cohen, host of Bravo's "Watch What Happens: Live" and Giuliana Rancic, co-anchor of "E! News", while Jeannie Mai of Style Network's "How Do I Look?" served as the telecvats' color commentator, offering interesting behind-the-scenes insight.  The evening's performers were the Grammy winning band, Train, and Australia's Timomatic.

The Miss USA beauty contest has been held annually since 1952 to select the United States entrant in the Miss Universe pageant. The Miss Universe Organization operates both pageants, as well as Miss Teen USA.

The Miss USA pageant was conceived in 1950 when Yolande Betbeze, winner of the rival Miss America pageant, refused to pose for publicity pictures while wearing a swimsuit. Pageant sponsor Catalina decided to pull their sponsorship off the pageant, and create their own competition. Other owners have included a subsidiary of Gulf+Western Industries, ITT Corporation, and billionaire Donald Trump, the current owner who bought the pageant in 1996.

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PageantCenter.com is not affiliated in any way with the Miss USA - Organization. Miss USA® is a registered trademark of the Miss Universe Organization. All trademarks on this web site whether registered or not -  are the property of their respective owners.

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