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Enjoy the largest Pageant Calendar in the world, with hundreds of listings for upcoming local, state, and national competitions organized by state and date. Find events near you or open events seeking at-large contestants (a great way to gain experience at competing at the national level!). Directors, add your events. It's free!

Pageants Calendar - Find upcoming competitions near you!

Pageant TipsTips - 1000's of tips to help you win the crown... Tips for swimsuit competition, interview, on-stage questions, talent and evening gown, and statistical research on the best gown colors, hairstyles that win the most, how to walk in a gown, best music for the each type of talent, the swimsuit diet, and more.

Miss UniverseMiss Universe 2016 - Meet Iris Mittenaere, the gorgeous Miss Universe France, who won the most prestigious international crown of all, Miss Universe! She's smart (a dental student), loves French cooking, and was absolutely stunning in the swimsuit competition! [PHOTOS]

Miss AmericaMiss America 2017 - Read all about the crowning and public appearances of darling Savvy Shields, Miss America 2017! She's the energetic dancer from Arkansas who was drop-dead gorgeous in the evening gown competition (classic strapless black velvet gown) and effortlessly charmed the judges. We love her non-stop smile! [PHOTOS]

Pageant NewsNews - Great coverage of the latest news, behind-the-scenes coverage, newly-crowned titleholders, and more with beautiful photo coverage: All Winners | Miss America News | Miss Universe News | Miss USA News | Miss World | Miss Teen USA | Miss America's Teen

Pageant HistoryHistory - Great coverage of the fascinating history of Miss America, Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss USA, Mrs. America and children's pageants from 1917 to date. Learn how pageants started and evolved and the important moments and people that shaped the industry.

Pageant Dresses Dresses and Gowns - Find stores that feature dresses and gowns for contestants of all ages, as well as talent costuming, interview suits, competition shoes and jewelry.

Pageant DirectoryPageants Directory by State - Find competitions in your area listed by state

What is a Pageant?What is a Pageant? - Definition, history, photos, examples, and differences between the pageant systems, Miss Universe and Miss America; glitz and natural, etc.

Famous Pageant WinnersFamous Winners - Famous women who have worn the crown...Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry, Gretchen Carlson, Sushmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai and more. Bet you will be surprised by some of the famous faces who have won - and lost - the crown!

Pageant QuestionsQuestions - Sample questions to prepare for judges' interviews. Great interviews are the key to the crown. It's important to prepare well before you face the judges.
Pageant Winners and ResultsTitleholders and Results - The opening page to find lists of winners and results for national and world competitions: Miss America, Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss America's Teen, Miss Earth, Mrs. America, Mrs. World. Research your favorite titleholders by name and year.

Pageant TriviaTrivia - The opening page for our entire pageant humor area: weird facts, trivia, crowning comedy, videos, etc.

Pageant Winner TriviaQueens' Life - Funny behind-the-scenes stories and trivia about winners' reigns... Just when you think it's all glamour.

Funny Pageant Videos and Falls Funny Videos - Videos of contestant's weirdest moments, slip-and-falls, worst answers, and other really embarassing moments. 😅

Pageant Quotes Quotes - Funny quotes from contestants, titleholders, and hosts. ("At that moment, it's kind of like dying. You're alone. There's nobody that can do it for you." Terry Meeuwsen, Miss America 1973) 😀

Fun Pageant FactsFun Facts - Interesting facts about the people in pageantry (Winners' strange pets and weirdest titles, for starters: Miss Mosquito Legs, Miss Jumbo Queen, Miss Klingon Empire. 😂)

Funny Pageant Crownings Funny Crownings - Just because you are crowned the winner doesn't mean things go well. You could drop your crown, pass out cold, fall down... Here are the funniest crowning comedies and calamities.

Best Pageant HairstylesBest Hairstyles - Find the top 8 hairstyles that win the most. Curly hair? Straight styles? Upswept? Discover what the absolute best hairstyle is for pageant competition, as well as 7 other hairstyles that win as well. We have an entire section devoted to what types of hairstyles win the most. Get ideas and be inspired!

Pageant Winners' WebsitesTitleholder Websites - Take a beauty tour around the world through titleholder websites worldwide.

Contestant ProductsContestants' Page - Find items for contestants (pageant dresses, jewelry, swimsuits, shoes, pageant tips, books for contestants and by titleholders)

Pageant State ListingsPageants - Links to beauty and scholarship pageants in throughout the USA and worldwide.
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